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Weaving Highlights in Western Anatolia           [Back to Tours]

Post Conference Tour
April 23th-28th, 2007

Day 1- We will fly from Istanbul to Izmir. Then we will drive to the village of Suleymankoy, near Ayvacik, and see the DOBAG weaving project. Harald Boehmer will give a presentation on the project and dying. We will meet many of the local weavers and visit traditional houses in the area. A special lunch is planned in the village of Suleymankoy. In the late afternoon we will make the scenic drive to Behramkale (ancient Assos). Dinner and overnight in Behramkale.

Day 2- The next morning we will drive to Bergama. This town and the surrounding villages have an old weaving history. First, we will see the Kizil Avlu (red basilica). This huge ancient building was originally built in the 2nd century AD as a temple for the Egyptian gods Serapis, Isis and Harpocrates. Since that time the structure has been converted into use as a church and then a mosque. Bergama has a fine museum with artifacts from the acropolis of Pergamum which overshadows the village. There will be time while visiting Bergama to walk the streets of this town and visit the small shops that give it so much character. Then we will drive on to Selcuk. There will be time for a leisurely walk through the backstreets of Selcuk and visit to Isa Bey Camii. Dinner and overnight in Selcuk.

Day 3- We will make an early start to visit Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean. Our tour will focus on the terrace houses in what is called Ephesus 3. The houses are decorated with pebble-like mosaic floors with textile patterns. The walls are covered in beautiful frescoes. The entire ambience will give you a sense of what life was like for the wealthy in Roman times. We will visit the Ephesus museum in Selcuk which holds an impressive collection of finds.

Time permitting, a tour to Heraclia ad Latmos on Lake Bafa will be available. Heraclia is an ancient site, but the drive there and the ongoing village life are wonderful to observe, as well. Return to Selcuk for dinner and overnight.

Day 4- We will drive to the village of Birgi where we will see the 14th century Ulu Camii. This mosque has a most unusual minaret that is decorated with red and turquoise brick in a lozenge pattern. The carvings on the exterior of the mosque show Seljuk influence, as does the finely carved wooden mimber. Next we will tour the 18th century Ottoman mansion named Cakiraga Konak. This is one of the most charming konaks preserved in Turkey. Before seeing the local silk weavers, we will have a lunch prepared from the regional specialties.

After making a short drive we will arrive at Tire. Here we will see one of the most famous felt makers plying his trade. Also, we will see a special type of silk weaving, beledi, done by the only two remaining artisans. Beledi is a technique that dates back to the 14th century in this geographic area. Return to Selcuk for dinner and overnight.

Day 5- We will drive to the village of Odemis. Our visit will coincide with the weekly village market. Women from allover this area bring their embroideries to this market. Extraordinary needlepoints, laces, silk and cotton textiles are sold. We will also visit the Odemis museum that possesses a strong collection of embroideries and garments from western Turkey. Finally, we will see a master hemp weaver in his workshop. Return to Selcuk for dinner and overnight.

Day 6- Drive to the Izmir airport and fly back to Istanbul. Transfer to your hotel.

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