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One Day Tour to Bursa          [Back to Tours]

One Day Tour to Bursa
April 20th-21rd, 2007

One Day Tour to Bursa -
Bursa was the first Ottoman capital. The city today is filled with old Ottoman monuments. The Yesil (Green) camii will be our first stop. Built in the early 15th century at the direction of Mehmet I. This mosque is the first of its kind to be built in a truly Turkish (versus Seljuk or Persian) manner. Its interior is extraordinary. Bursa has a bedesten and covered bazaar that functions today as it did in centuries past. It is filled with the necessities of life. Tucked in one corner of the bedesten is a group of antique shops with beautiful textiles that manifest the qualities of silk weaving for which this city is known. Here you can also find the Karagoz puppet figures. Bursa is considered the birthplace of the Karagoz puppet theater. Then we will visit a new museum that houses a collection of folk costumes. The museum collection is wonderful.

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